i suddenly felt the urge to tell the world… good pomegranates can actually be found in sydney!

June 1, 2007 at 10:55 pm (simple pleasures)

i’ve had a lovely day. i think this is the first time since i’ve been living in newtown, that i actually walked the length of king st, in the daytime – shops open, people about – and enjoyed the place. i was on a mission to buy latex, paint and rope, and came back victorious, also having snaffled polystyrene balls, a shirt and over the knee black and yellow stripy socks.

but that was not what prompted me to start a blog. oh, no! a pomegranate did that. foodworks at marrickville has seconds shelves at the back of the fruit section, and on it i spied tow pomegranates for 69c. perfectly good pomegranates! quite little, but a good colour, and solid-feeling. i also bought two custard apples for 99c, but as delightful as they are – or at least, the half of them that are good – they’re too squishy to leave the kitchen so did not prompt me to proclaim to the world. this is what pocketknives are for – so one does not have to leave the nice warm room in order to open pomegranates.

i meant to leave some for my housemates, but my will does not easily withstand fruit. it was as good a pomegranate as i would’ve found in turkey; strong tasting, bright red sections. maybe not as juicy as some, if i am to be overly critical. but very enjoyable. i tell the world: good pomegranates can be found in australia!

otherwise, i ate pumpkin burek for lunch – nostalgic, but oddly sweet – encountered friends and ex-acquaintances on the street, made friends with a person working in a shop, who will hopefully come to my next tap dancing workshop, got a tour of the aviary, a share house and venue on king st, which is madder than ours! then i went off to centrelink, where they nicely took me off reporting, so i don’t have to do anything for my money, but study. oh yeah, that…

she told me my $422 would be in the bank on monday, and as i turned to leave, she said ” how can anybody live on that???” i agree. and what a good time for a spending spree. sigh… $30 today on latex and related stuff for the workshop in melbourne, then the pomegranates, custard apples, grapes, dried apricots, dates, pineapple and fancy figs, and three bags of maltesers. well, they were $2 for 330g – when does that happen?? yesterday i also spent $80 on all sorts of studs and rings and eyelets from Birdsalls… i expect i’ll get that all back at some stage, but still. it might be some time before i get my act together and see if people actually want to buy my rubber chokers.

now, what was on that to do list? clean my room, do my assignment. write up minutes from the NewQ meeting last night. oh yes, that was something else noteworthy. we decided to try a discussion group. aparrently what a discussion group needs, more than advertising, a time and topics, is a name. we got on to drag queen/king names, stripper names… specifically the formula of your first pet’s name and the street you grew up on. i’m familiar with mine, the topic came up at home not long ago when tash bought, and insisted on wearing around, a very dubious wig. Shaggy Barons was very well received. everyone had good names then, and we were almost on the floor with laughter, but the NewQ meeting wasn’t such a goldmine. it was decided, without really asking if i was happy with it, to name the discussion group Shaggy Barons. Shaggy Barons’ Salon was offered too, but i think the former won out. well… i’m the one writing the minutes…


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