why am i here? no, right here.

June 14, 2007 at 11:48 pm (musings)

why am i writing a blog? it’s not like i don’t have other things to do. i guess it’s so i don’t lose the good bits – i actually make sure i have lots of little choc chips in the icecream of my life, actually some aren’t so small, but they can all melt into the mush if you don’t pay attention. writing about my travels changes the way i look at them, for the better (www.travelpost/travel/hanaleah if you care). my experiences, many of which were actually painful, difficult and frustrating at the time, become comic, amusing and interesting in the retelling. and the story is not actually untrue at all. it was all in there, so much so that when i got used to writing while i travelled, or preparing my memories to be able to write later, i actually dealt with adventures with much more humour, and got far more out of them, than i had before.

i don’t generally do that at home. i configure the stories of my life for my close friends who let me whinge and vent, rather than the imagined public. that’s you. will you help me deal with my rollercoaster life? maybe i’ll just try.


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