what do i do for fun?

June 17, 2007 at 1:03 pm (simple pleasures)

i got asked this the other day, and i couldn’t answer. i’m often asked questions like that when people find out i don’t drink, and it’s hard to give an answer that i think the person challenging me will like. to ‘well, what do you do?’ the answer used to be ‘student politics’. when presented like that, most people could understand that it was as much of a destructive, time absorbing vice as getting trashed every weekend. so that was ok. i wasn’t really a freak.

but fun?

i do plenty of things that are fun, but i don’t do them just for fun. most things are primarily for interest, for satisfaction, for a challenge, for necessity, or just because. there are some, though…

i will walk down the street in an outrageous outfit for fun.

i learn to dance for fun

i have adventures and hitchhike and drive for fun

and in a weird way, i enrolled in mechanical engineering for fun.


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