three weeks of holidays!

June 21, 2007 at 3:07 pm (musings)

i consider myself officially on holidays. i don’t quite feel like it, but maybe by the time it’s legitimate, i’ll have gotten used to the idea.

you see, i still have one exam left. they moved it from today to monday, which i actually consider quite rude. i’m usually all in favour of extensions – i live by them – but the way they do it here is ridiculous. we’ll all be in a fix when they actually do want something on time for once.

still, i’m not letting it worry me. every other exam – monday, tuesday and wednesday, i procrastinated for hours and still only did half an hour’s worth of flipping through the books. if i wanted to be serious about this next exam i would spend the weekend holed up in my room pursuing such exciting activities as constantly refreshing my email to see if anyone loves me, but i really don’t think it would help.

so i’ll try to fit in half an hour of work somewhere – it’s on my to do list – but otherwise, i’m being an extra in my housemate’s short film, meeting the Atheist Meetup people, dressing up in business drag to present an award at the tafe awards night, doing a dumpstering mission and a mission to reverse garbage, putting on a film night an having a painting day at NewQ, and hopefully having lunch with katharine and going to my dance class. not to mention organising a bunch of things, cleaning my room and the house, mending my clothes, holding house interviews and probably helping people move in. why would anyone work? it’s so unproductive. i want it to be holidays every day!


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