i can now, with excellent authority, thoroughly recommend tafe trained cooks!!

June 23, 2007 at 2:26 pm (out and about, ultimo sa)

i spent last night at the tafe awards night. i got all dressed up in my suit and blue silk shirt and shiny tie, and ran for the bus.

i was supposed to present an award as president of a students association. four of us were there, but it turned out there were only two awards to be given and sylvia and alex were it. rob and i were stuck up the very back of the hall on a half full table, and i decided my new mission was to not need to eat for a week.

grace was sitting down the front, and right when i was finding out from her that actually, alex hadn’t even remembered to come, allison was at my table grabbing rob to present the award. i got back to my even emptier table, and made full use of my dedicated orange juice waiter, who can’t have done much all evening but for keeping my orange juice constantly topped up.

the speeches were tedious, the keynote speech ended with ‘and god bless’, the entertainment was a little half-hearted, but the food was fantastic. there were two choices of entree, main and dessert, and thanks to the empty places next to me, i got to eat both of each. in fact, as three people ate the prawns off the top of one entree and left the delicious saffron linguine base, i effectively had four entrees. the chocolates at the end were also stunning, but they nearly made me sick – just too much. i can now, with excellent authority, thoroughly recommend tafe trained cooks!!


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