alter egos

July 3, 2007 at 3:36 pm (out and about, simple pleasures)

i’m celebrating my birthday in three days, with an alter ego party. it’s shaping up to be a grand affair with five of us having birthdays within a week either side. so there has been much discussion of who everyone’s alter egos are, and what an alter ego actually is. is it the opposite of everything you are, or an element of you? is it really a binary thing, or could you have many alter egos? if so, are they coherent and separate? do i really divide into parts? would i make more sense that way? and what ramifications do all these questions have on costuming?

i’m pretty sure i’ll show up in a tailsuit. i’m also pretty sure that me in a tailsuit is not an alter ego, but merely me in a tailsuit. i’m expected to wear it though; people will like it, and besides, of all my more spectacular, partyable clothes, the tails are probably the warmest!


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  1. Anna Aniston said,

    I have simply no idea about the alter ego thing. I think I’ve been looking for my other self for so long that I found out I am just a tangle of wires, an unzipped zipper, an unbuttoned press-stud of incompaible alternates sandwhiched into the one package.

    If I can’t think of anything else, I can always turn up as THE EVIL ANNA (looks just the same as the normal anna, but has black hair like when smurfette was evil and worked for gilgamesh, before she became blonde and joined smurf village).

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