mattress joy

July 31, 2007 at 6:09 pm (out and about, simple pleasures)

i had to hire a ute for the community cafe last night, so i took the opportunity to duck in to my parents’ and pick up my bed. it’s a lovely queen ensemble, non matching. it says it’s chiropractor approved, and i’d believe it. it’s firm but you sink into it, with a cozy, pillowy top layer. i’ve been pining for it

i first got this bed two and a half years ago, when kat was first in town. i was living in a lovely little house in epping and she in a cockroach infested dump in st peters, with all her fancy mini travel electrical equipment, but only a nasty old single mattress on the dubious floor. she wanted us to spend more time in her dump than in my palace, because of the location. we needed a bed.

one night in council cleanup season, we took the bug around the streets of ryde and bounced on all the mattresses available. there were quite a few – three in one particular street. we selected the base of one set, and the mattress of another, and had just gotten them secured to the roofracks when it started to rain. lightly at first, then pouring down – i remember sheltering the car in a closed servo for the worst of it, but we still had to air them for days after. when both pieces were suitably dry, we strung them back onto the car and headed citywards. it was a ridiculous sight, and a scary ride. the mattress was bent over the car, sticking out on all sides and engulfing the simple roofracks, which were having trouble gripping their flanges. on top was perched the base, seesawing with every change of speed, or any other excuse. we had to stop, just over the gladesville bridge, to hoist it all back into place and retie, and for much of the trip we each had an arm out the window, trying to hold on and stop it slipping down over the windows!

when kat left sydney nick inherited bed and room together, then took the bed all the way to his new place in clovelly. i picked it up when i got back from turkey, and lived with it for four months at breakfast point. when i left the country it got stored back at gladesville, and i slept on the mattress for a month, with it perched squishily on top of a double bed, before finally getting the move to newtown organised. as there was an acceptable spare bed already here, it took me ten months to organise transport for my largest possession not on wheels, but now it’s here and i’m off to enjoy it again!


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  1. Anna Aniston said,

    How exciting!

    I love a good mattress scavenge. Kal and I had spent many a night in Slurry Hills humping mattresses and bases along Crown st, and up 3 flights of stairs in the middle of the night. Oh what fun!

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