the rate of the flow of time

August 9, 2007 at 4:31 pm (mechanical engineering)

we did something interesting at tafe this morning! we stretched steel and aluminium till it broke, crushed concrete and bent wood. well, we watched these things happen while recording numbers; still it was a highlight. then in the afternoon it was back to the usual, reading and avoiding eye contact with the teacher, trying not to get too frustrated, trying to let go of the hope of learning anything in class, and to not get anxious and mourn, or calculate, the time that i spend there, every day, or the time i’ll need to spend to actually cover the work, later.

at least i’m getting through some reading, sometimes writing some workshops. i’ve already calculated the number of bricks visible in that room: there are a total of 4453 bricks, comprising 3630 pale whole bricks, 564 pale half bricks, 227 dark whole bricks and 32 dark half bricks. i’m not sure where the odd number of whole dark brics comes in, maybe there was an error, but no doubt i’ll figure it out sometime before the end of the year.


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