meeting mothers

August 23, 2007 at 6:00 pm (out and about, poly)

my life has been very very interesting recently, but i’ve felt constrained by ambiguity not to set anything down in writing. secrets are silly but secrets in blogs are sillier, even if they aren’t really secrets. now all parties know everything, whether they consider themselves parties or not, and i can write what i will. this one i want to keep for posterity!

a couple of weeks ago circumstances conspired to introduce me to heather’s mother an hour after i met meela’s mother.

meela knew all about it, debriefed it all and walked me down from breakfast with her family to lunch with heather’s. i had enough trouble eating a cafe breakfast, let alone lunch! there’s not much between me and heather these days, but i still, or maybe because of that, hadn’t managed to tell her what was going on with me until yesterday. i didn’t really think she’d be upset, maybe she’d wonder why i was bothering to tell her, but the response came back ‘and about time you’re seeing someone!’ i was glad to fill her in on that day, and she was amused. of course she also said that now i have someone around she’s free to be a drunk. i think that’s what i was afraid of – but it can hardly make much difference.


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