back to school

September 11, 2007 at 4:39 pm (musings)

north sydney girls’ is having a reunion. one of the people i’d actually like to see is still on the can’t-be-found list. another is dead. a third is in germany. still i’m going to go, mostly because i’m curious. it’s a month and a half away, on october 21, at a bowls club, where it seems we’ll actually be bowling. in north sydney. i’m certainly a little apprehensive, i don’t know if i’ll recognise many people, and from what i’ve heard, the baby count will be higher than i’m prepared for. even more than that, many people seem to be attached to big recognisable companies, probably in jobs with important sounding titles but boring descriptions. meaningless jobs. Good Jobs. it was a selective school, on the north shore. girls can do anything. but what do you really want?

what will i be expected to tell people? i’m certainly not in a big fancy well paid career with a phd, a house, a husband and a kid. i expect some people will be, and despite that sounding like my idea of hell, i’ll probably have to justify my life, fill up uncomfortable pauses and talk too much about myself to explain to people who had never realised that the choices i’ve made are available – let alone worthwhile. i’ll also probably have to lie; it will come down to ‘but that’s good/ok if you’re happy’. am i happy?

maybe it won’t be too intimidating. after all, there probably won’t be so many people there – they’ll all be at the second reunion, in london!


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