October 28, 2007 at 1:32 pm (poly)

got off the phone saying she’d ring back. didn’t, not in five minutes, not in two days. didn’t make arrangements for the event that’s now starting in ten minutes. arranged only that we’d go, then we’d have this big three way discussion after. refused to plan anything else until said discussion. didn’t answer my sms, didn’t pick up the phone, twice. usually this means a crisis where she thinks daniel is going to leave and will do anything for him, including specifically neglecting me and making a show of it, too. we had agreed that next time there was a crisis she’d ring me. when i later was upset about the crises she ticked me off, saying she’s told me she’ll call and ask for help. no call has come. does that mean failure in crisis management, or no crisis, just unbelievable rudeness or something else? she told me she was determined to make this work, but was she only determined right then? this many things – and something like this happens every week or two – there can’t be another way to look at it, can there?

well, at least i seem to have an unscheduled extra afternoon to do all that work that i haven’t been feeling up to getting done.


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