kindness of strangers

November 15, 2007 at 11:40 pm (simple pleasures)

when i got home late last night, after my debut as a life drawing model, i found a very nice set of drawers by the side of the road several houses down. i dragged it back to outside my house, and left it in the driveway. this morning i had dragged it almost to the front door when a couple of strangers walked past, and one of them offered to help. he helped me take it inside, then all the way upstairs! people can be lovely sometimes. this morning, someone at the bus stop asked for help taking her groceries back home to near my house. as usual i was late, and couldn’t afford to miss another bus, so embarrassingly i had to refuse. someone else came by soon after, but of course two buses sailed past and i was still there when he got back…

i guess if we do what we can, it all adds up in the end. i really don’t know how i would’ve gotten the set of drawers upstairs on my own, as the drawers don’t come out, but it’s perfect! my room fits together so much better now, and i look forward to spending some time filling it up more thoughtfully than i did today, but there is that small matter of two exams next week and six the week after… domesticity will have to try to wait.


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