what is to be done about homophobic pro feminists?

November 23, 2007 at 10:53 pm (gender)

when someone in the wider, straight world is homophobic, there’s a chance that they’ll eventually meet with a shock when their friend or family member comes out, and they’ll think and change their attitudes.

our own nice little enlightened communities are not always so much better than the rest – there are plenty of men who call themselves pro feminist but still act misogynistically or homophobically. not only men of course, but the category certainly makes a case in point. some of these people think they know everything, and are not about to rethink their attitudes and behaviours, because they’ve already pondered the world, and placed themselves above the rest. they have the correct vocabulary, and the argument skills to tell you they’re right, whatever the content.

they’re always around people who would make others think, but it’s like they’re immune. how does one impress on someone, who thinks themself perfect, that they actually aren’t?


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