new world

November 25, 2007 at 10:38 am (complex pleasures)

whatever happens now, howard is gone! in the first federal election that i haven’t been registered to vote against him in bennelong.

that’s cause for celebration. tears, actual tears alone in front of the tv, then revelry at the hub, talking to people and watching the abc projected on the wall. jumping up and down while shouting down the phone over the cheering. then back home to study for the six exams i have next week. rotten timing, but that’s ok.

my whole adult life howard has been in office and things have been going steadily downhill. i learn about cycles but don’t see them. now the trajectory, one way or another, will change. maybe we’ll even see the other side of the cycle… my expectations aren’t really very high, my hopes aren’t focussed any higher than the raft of changes and rollbacks rudd’s flagged for the next hundred days. if we get a bunch of them, things will be more bearable. a few of them may affect me directly, but even more than that it might make space in my brain for the strange concept that change can be a good thing! i hope he doesn’t disappoint us too soon.


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