catch up

February 3, 2008 at 5:44 pm (crafty)

i haven’t written for a while

i stopped when our generous neighbours, who were letting us use their wireless, suddenly put a password on it. no warning, no internet. that was last year. we’re still waiting on house internet but at least i now have my own interim unwired account, after using meela’s for a while, and before that, sitting in the car wherever i was, trying to catch stray unlocked connections.

much has happened in the last six weeks, that i haven’t quite managed to record. i’ll try to put some of it down… in the last week or so, life has been intense. fast and emotional. very good side by side with very stressful. i ran a couple of screen printing workshops, which were very good, though exhausting. at the first one, i got my car towed for being in a clearway, though the sign didn’t say it was. i’m still stressed about contesting that, i’ve gotten legal advice and still don’t know what to say. i should make some phone calls, but it’s the weekend.

i’m starting a job tomorrow. my third acoustics job – hopefully this one will be ok and last a respectable amount of time. i’m trying to not put too much emphasis on the fact that the boss didn’t manage to show up for my interview, and rather appreciate that he finally got back to me, and let me name my own starting date. hm.

with meela, i still feel like i’m second in line most of the time, whether it’s to absent people, or even to the cat. i understand when she’s missing people, but i’m a little impatient about being ignored in favour of a cat.


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