new job

February 4, 2008 at 9:59 pm (acoustics, brain, complex pleasures)

i finally started my long awaited job. now maybe i can start to relax!

it’s been months and months since they told my father they’d employ me and i was given a number to ring. it’s been months since my interview that noone but me turned up to. so much waiting for return of communication, and considering how disastrous my previous job in the field was, the whole thing has been tying me up in knots.

the first day was quite promising, though so was the first day at sca… but here, i got to do a whole project, amongst the computer login troubles and being dismissed with Industrial Noise Policy to read. i got to calculate what glass was required for the windows of a proposed building from just the address, a flight path map and a standard! take one egg, a cat and a length of string… and my report got sent to the client!

so, it looks quite promising. as long as i get enough sleep to get through each day. that means going to bed now…


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  1. Anna Aniston said,

    Getting enough sleep will start to govern you!

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