February 12, 2008 at 11:07 pm (simple pleasures)

i think that after two weeks, even short weeks of holding it all in for work, i was just due for a little eccentricity. the house was noisy with more blaring music and banging pots than my headache could handle, so i went for a walk wearing just my red and white stripy dress and my coat, with keys in one pocket and phone in the other.

the ground was warm under my bare feet, the breeze was pleasant and mild and the rhythm seemed to suit, so i just kept walking. to stanmore rd. then i couldn’t resist the piles of grapes and nectarines and plums and kiwifruit and avocadoes and tomatoes and mangoes that i just had to take a peek at, so i ended up with a small box full of a selection, and if i were to eat three of the nectarines on the way home, of course the only way to carry it would be on my head.

so off i went, down a side street and back along the train line. stripey, singing and carrying a box on my head which regularly threatened to collapse all over me, i made it all the way home.


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