February 15, 2008 at 1:27 am (complex pleasures)

well, nearly. i went in to centrelink today, to get off austudy. they tried hard to convince me to go back on the dole, and look for work, and chuck in my two day a week carreer for any old full time job they can throw at me. for half as much money as they’d give me if i weren’t bothering to work.

i have been waiting a while for that moment, but they managed to ruin even that; there is still the possibility that a fuss will be made that because someone thinks i should’ve taken myself off payments in december. the facts are in my favour, but the possibility of dispute hanging over my head defeats the purpose of refusing money so that i can walk away triumphantly. because of course, with centrelink the facts aren’t the important thing.


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  1. Garrie Cleveland said,

    Kate, how right you are when you say the facts mean nothing to Centrelink. If they don’t like the facts, they’ll change them to suit whatever they are trying to do to you.

    If you’d like to see more instances where they,ve screwed people around, lied, cheated and bankrupted people, go have a look at our site..

    You’ll be amazed. Our site also contains information for people on benefits : Centrelink codes that they use, advice, etc.


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