July 5, 2008 at 12:10 am (complex pleasures)

i just took a look at the list of goals i wrote here a year ago. i never finished the list, mine are alway longer than that, but it has the big ticket items. and on that, i’m doing pretty well. with one year left of my twenties, i’m in the middle of getting goals met, whatever it looks like right now.

i have a job. i’ve had it for five months, and though there are issues, it’s puttering along, businesslike. i’ve lived in newtown, in the heart of things. i’ve spent eighteen months living in a big well known share house, pretty good though it’s not a co-op, and i’m looking to get my own place, which, it seems, will actually happen. i’m also looking at getting my car all fixed up, it takes money and i seem to have it. i’ve learnt a bit about it and helped fix the brakes, and i’ve learnt the basics of welding.

i’m being useful with my family, which has become more important recently. i’ve had a reasonable number of relationships, enough of them with girls, enough to learn about myself and the world, and be happy being single again. i have made good friends and learnt to open up and to be touched. i feel comfortable that living here, i’m going to find out who my real friends are and who aren’t.

i have sold my creative work, though i really should do more of it sometime. i finished my escritoire! i have learnt tango and rumba and swing a bit, though i must do more, and to lead a bit, though there’s a long way to go with that, too. i have cooked up a tap dance with a friend, and had regular practice. it’s on hiatus while she’s overseas, but i have high hopes we’ll perform it. there’s another performance on the boil with someone else, too.

i’ve been around the world – not everywhere, and nowhere recently, but enough to be travelled. and not just easy travelling, either. russia, morocco, turkey. i’ve lived there. and of course, i’ve hitchhiked. all over europe, a bit in turkey, and even at home.

i’ve gotten a degree, and a million other interesting qualifications and skills. i’m nearly finished a diploma in mechanical engineering. i’ve also taught many subjects in many settings. although i’m not teaching regular classes at the moment, i’m still teaching fairly frequently. maybe i do need to do cert four in workplace training and assessment.

i’ve put my ideals where my mouth is. lately i’m creating queer community at NewQ, making atheism important and interesting and radical again with Sydney Atheist Action Group, changing education with the Student Association of the biggest tafe in the country, and everywhere they’re letting me go.



  1. Russia Travel Club said,

    what will the atheist action group stand for?

  2. hanaleah said,

    Sydney Atheists Action Group has several projects which will hopefully help to create a sense of community, identity and purpose amongst atheists and other nonbelievers, promote awareness and understanding amongst others, and fight for our rights.

    see sydneyatheists.org if you’re interested.

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