a room of one’s own

July 16, 2008 at 8:51 pm (complex pleasures)

there’s a new reality in my life, that i’m having trouble dealing with. well, i’m told it’s a reality; i have yet to see the evidence, but it’s giving me trouble regardless. i’m usually open and honest about what’s going on in my life, but this i feel plenty of people won’t understand. i’m having to assess even my closest friends, choosing whether, when and how to out myself. so now i’m putting it out there, so i can get it settled in my mind, talk to the next person like it’s not a big deal, and get on with not having secrets.

so the big deal is, that when i spend my saturdays looking at open houses, it’s to buy, not to rent. everyone who knows i’ve moved home keeps telling me about their friends who need flatmates – only $150, $170, $200 per week… i turn them down, i couldn’t afford that much, i moved out of my last house when my room went up to about $130. not only was it an insulting increase considering the state of the place and the circumstances, but i don’t consider it to be reasonable to spend half one’s income on rent. i earn $270 per week. it’s not much more than the dole, but i’m comfortable with the lifestyle.

yet here i am, looking to spend $300,000 in one hit. or something.


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