dancing dreams

August 17, 2008 at 10:35 pm (dance)

i’ve been getting in a lot of dancing, but only in my dreams. mostly partner dancing, round and round. feet moving by themselves, smooth, confident. leading and following, with various people known and unknown. very intimate or purely social, just us or in a crowded room, in the light or the dark. rumba, waltz and others my feet know but i can’t identify, in various locations and situations. once my partner was dragged away down my parents’ stairs, shouting behind her that i’ll never know what she’s given up, while i was left to amuse the little kids, back and forth bent over with them standing on my feet. but usually i wake up with an old song in my head, a rhythm or a posture. these dreams often leave behind strong emotions.

all i know from this is that i need to dance again. i need to get that good, and i need to make enough time to keep a regular commitment. this afternoon i again missed a class i could’ve gone to. maybe i need to keep my shoes in the car, but it’s still not much use if i can’t find the time or energy the next week. what i really need is a regular dance partner, someone i can be comfortable with and learn to understand, who will keep me to my regular commitment and maybe even get to practice in between. i’m up for rumba, ballroom and latin, tango or swing and could also be persuaded to many other things. i want to learn to lead but i’m also willing to follow. i want to dance with women but boys are good too. is there anyone out there?


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