Callout for participation in research into pubs and clubs as noisy workplaces

August 10, 2010 at 6:02 pm (acoustics)

Hi everyone, this research should be very worthwhile for participants, but it’s hard to find the right people. So please talk to me if you work in a bar, pub or club, and send this on if you know anyone else who does.

Entertainment venues as noisy workplaces: Facilitating staff to find contextual solutions to Music Induced Hearing Loss

We all know that loud noise can damage our hearing, but not many people understand what is or isn’t dangerous and what to do about it.

While research has found out all about how loud and how damaging, little has been done about hearing loss prevention in the entertainment industry. Entertainment workers are often exposed to at least as much noise as workers in factories or building sites, but don’t want to use the same old solutions. Imagine barstaff in earmuffs and soundproof barriers over the speakers! To protect entertainment staff appropriately, we need to know what entertainment staff think. What do you want and what do you think will be effective in your own workplace?

The National Acoustic Laboratories are conducting a study of staff who work in noisy environments in the entertainment industry, and how your workplaces can be improved. This research has been approved by the Australian Hearing Human Research Ethics Committee. The first stage of research will be a series of focus groups about workplace noise, hearing protection and possibilities for change within your workplaces. Participants will then be invited to be involved in the second stage, which will implement ideas produced by the focus groups.

To be eligible to participate in this research, you must work in a club, pub or similar venue where loud, amplified music is played throughout your shift. For the first stage we are looking for people who are not musicians, DJs or managers, for example bar and security staff.

Focus groups will take place in Sydney at convenient times and locations, decided mutually between the participants and the researcher. Participants will receive $20 to contribute to time and travel expenses.

To express interest, or for more information, please contact me by email at or phone 0417450802.

I’d be very grateful if you could pass this information on to others who you think might be interested in the research.

Thank you for your support,


Kate Alway
Research Assistant

National Acoustic Laboratories
A Division of Australian Hearing

126 Greville Street
Chatswood NSW 2067 Australia
P  +61 2 9412 6754
F  +61 2 9411 8273
M  0417 450 802


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