more on intj

May 9, 2012 at 2:41 pm (brain)

if the model is correct and my brain really simmers evenly on low while waiting to jump, it opens up new avenues of enquiry about how i operate and how i can improve.

i understand needing silence to get written work done, needing to reduce irrelevant input. i respect that cognitive behavioural therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy each have something to add in getting me to a position where i don’t have unnecessary barriers to my work. but all the surface preparation in the world doesn’t get me the spark of inspiration that i need.

the car is full of petrol, it’s tuned through years of education. i’m taking down roadblocks and leaving a smooth road to drive, but without the ingnition key, i’m relying on push starts. push starts are hard and unreliable.

so where can i find a key? inspiration, interest, understanding what i need to do, purpose. i can get things done in the back and forwards of a good meeting, bouncing off people, honing my idea, persuading people of its merits. when i know my tasks are straight forward for me, and i can go straight home after that meeting and get right onto them, i often get through them well. maybe a meeting is one of my keys. interaction, responsibility. however i think i need a whole keyring of keys for different times, ignition under different conditions. when i watched the myers briggs video, researched the websites, found out how it related to me, thought on it for a couple of days and talked about it, i set down 1500 words straight out, which clarified my thinking. there must have been a key involved there. what was it?


meanwhile, it seems my mother is istj, my neighbour and my father is enfj, my tribesman. they are each other’s novelty. i learnt a fair bit more about both by watching them do the tests.


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