Postgrad Officer Statement

October 20, 2013 at 10:50 pm (community)

Kate Alway for Postgraduate Officer

UTS is unusual for not having a Postgraduate Representative Association. All we have is this representative position on the Students’ Association, and that has not even been active for the last eight years.

Dedicated representation can make a vital difference to postgraduate students, by responding to our needs and concerns, representing us as a group, helping to create postgraduate community and providing the services we need. Creating a new representative organisation is a huge job, but I’m keen! The first step, however, is to make the most of the one role we currently have available.


While the Students’ Association is our representative body, we need it to be more useful and accessible for postgraduates. I intend to make this happen by:

  • Starting a Postgrad Collective
  • Reafilliating UTS with the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA)
  • Ensuring a dedicated Postgraduate voice on the SRC and throughout the university
  • Getting the message out about what the Students’ Association is, how it’s different from the Union and other bodies on campus, and what it can do for you
  • Working on supplying the needs of postgraduates, from more desks for researchers to food and facilities open whenever we are on campus, be it late evenings, block weekends or camping out in the computer labs forever!
  • Being actively available to find out what you want from your Postgraduate Officer and your SRC. Starting right now – I’d love to discuss this position and hear your concerns, on campus or at


I bring to this role an understanding of both coursework and research at UTS, along with fifteen years of experience in student and community organising. I have worked positions including Students’ Association President and Clubs and Societies Officer as well as Student Representative on Academic Board and many other committees across UTS, Macquarie Uni and Sydney Institute of TAFE. I have started and worked in collectives and clubs, advocated for groups and run campaigns.


I would be honoured to use everything these roles have taught me, to work with and for the postgraduate student population of UTS.


Please take the time to vote for a better Students’ Association for all.








My CV:


I have been enrolled at UTS since 2009, across both a research Masters of Education and a coursework Masters of Adult Education.


Roles I have taken in this time include:


NSW Education Officer for the National Union of Students 2013 and founder of the Cross Campus Education Action Network


UTS SRC Councillor 2012


FASS Higher Degree Research Conference Organising Committee 2012


Postgraduate Student Representative on FASS Board and Teaching and Learning Pedagogies Committee 2012


Queer Student Network (NSW) convenor 2012

Australian Queer Student Network treasurer 2014


Queer Collaborations delegate 2012 and Organising Collective member for 2013

UTS Atheists’ Society founder and executive member 2011-13


NUS National Conference delegate 2011 and 2012


FASS Postgraduate Representative to the Academic Board, Student Council Liaison Group and Teaching Awards and Citations Committee 2010


I also have experience in a wide variety of groups and projects in other educational institutions and the community, including:


Primary school Ethics program teacher 2012-13

Sydney Institute of TAFE Advisory Council 2009-12

Ultimo TAFE Students’ Association President 2007-8 and Sydney Institute Students’ Association Chair 2008

Mardi Gras float primary organiser 2008-14

Strata Committee member 2010-11, 2013-14

NewQ Community Space primary organiser 2007-9

Macquarie University Students’ Councillor 2000-2003, as well as Clubs and Societies Convenor, Student Representative on Housing Committee, Library Committee and Parramatta Rail Link Community Liaison Group. Delegate to six conferences and organiser of one. Left Alliance Convenor, Macquarie Atheists’ Society founder and Alternative Calendar Editor.


UTS Students’ Association is happening this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 11-2 and 4-7. Voting is happening on campus, you can find booths in various buildings, including Building 1 on the concourse, Bon Marche in the lounge, Building 10, DAB, Markets and Kuring Gai. Please vote.

For those of you who are enrolled as postgrads, please vote for me to be the Postgraduate Officer. If you’ve read down to here, I don’t think I need to say more!

For all students, if you trust my judgement, please get a How-To-Vote from someone in a Grassroots shirt. It will tell you how to vote for the rest of us. It’s confusing without one!

Grassroots is a great team – enthusiastic and competent, with experience where we need it – in activism, in collectives and in the SRC. We are the non-labor left and you can read more about us in . See our little video at! We are also supporting Crunch for Vertigo.



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